Bat Magic Incense Burner

Mystic Earth

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Bat magic birch wood incense burner ~ for both sticks and cones! With amethyst crystal on the top and a rainbow moonstone at the base of the metal cone incense holder. This is a collaboration between myself, Mystic Earth, and Trevor Hope Pyrography. 

The incense burner was hand carved by Trevor Hope Pyrography from a birch wood branch, the rest done by me. It has two holes for stick incense and a metal tray for cone incense. I use a high quality epoxy clay to sculpt the adornments then paint the design with acrylics. The entire burner is sealed with many layers of a protective gloss varnish to keep it from being damaged by the incense ash, and also to allow an easy clean up.

Disclaimer: Practice proper fire safety when using these incense burners. Never allow the incense to burn attended. Burn incense in a well ventilated room away from hanging cloth such as curtains. Do not burn cone incense on the wooden parts of the tray. Only burn cones on the metal tray at the end of the piece! 

The artwork on this incense burner depicts a bat, wand, potions, crystal, athame dagger, and wand. 

SIZING: 11.25" x 1.5"

WEIGHT: approx 10oz

CARE: When dirty, use a dry or damp cloth, wet wipe, or paper towel to clean off the ash. Water is okay to use but don't completely soak it, use sparingly on cloth. For best lifespan clean every 1-3 uses. 

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