Crystal Charm Keychains

Crystal Charm Keychains

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Crystal and charm keychains! 

These are made with nickle and lead free copper alloy wire and matching lobster clasp key clips. They can also be used with things like backpacks, purses, wallets, and more since they have clips. 

Charms and Crystals: 

A) sun with carnelian and mookaite 

B) pentacle with obsidian and jade 

C) pentacle with obsidian and labradorite 

D) owl with sodalite and aquamarine 

E) lotus with wood, rhodonite, and rose quartz

F) feather with garnet and rainbow moonstone 

G)feather with amazonite and aquamarine 

H) tree with Indian agate 

I) tree with Indian agate, moss agate, aquamarine 


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