Labradorite Athame Dagger ~ Mystic Earth x Volundr Forge

Mystic Earth

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Steel and crystal athame dagger ~ A collaboration between myself, Mystic Earth, and Volundr Forge! Volundr Forge created the metal blade and I did the sculpture artwork on the handle. This piece has prehnite (top), labradorite, and fancy jasper crystals embedded into the sculpture. 

This piece was fully handmade using repurposed architectural steel and the handle was sculpted with a durable epoxy based clay. The sculpture features a sparkling, rich wood texture, adorned with mossy foliage. The pigmentation is sealed on with a non-fade matte varnish for protection and easy cleaning!

This blade is completely blunt, not meant for physically cutting things. Athames are ceremonial daggers intended for ritual use. Also great for collecting, decorating, or cosplay. 

SIZING: 8.5"L x 1.3"W (widest point) 5oz approx. 

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