(Coming Soon) Lunar Witch Besoms ~ Mini Brooms

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The Lunar Witch Besoms! These are handmade from broomcorn, polymer clay, jute cord, hemp, crystals, and preserved moss. B & D are the only besoms with preserved lavender sprigs. The moons are all hand sculpted and painted. An industrial strength adhesive holds everything on! 

orange besom with a purple moon and peach moonstone crystal 17"

black besom with a purple triple moon, lavender, black tourmaline, and true white moonstone crystal 20.25"

orange and black besom with a natural toned crescent moon and star sunstone 20"

D orange besom with a pink triple moon, lavender, and black tourmaline 20.5"

E black besom with a pink moon and rainbow moonstone 17"

I was inspired to make these with broomcorn by @thewitchandthegoddess, who introduced me to the plant through her creations! Broom-corn, or sorghum bicolor/great millet, is a grass species. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and it is perfect for these besoms! 

A besom is a miniature broom traditionally used to cleanse or purify a space by "sweeping" away the energy.* Keep these on your altar or just for decor if you love it! 

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*My creations are intended for accessory and collecting only; the metaphysical information provided is subject to personal interpretation. Each customer is subject to their own experiences and beliefs. No item is meant to replace a medication or therapy.