Lunar Witch Broomcorn Besoms

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The Lunar Witch Besoms! These are handmade from broomcorn, epoxy based clay, paint, hemp, crystals, and preserved moss. The moons are all hand sculpted and painted. An industrial strength adhesive holds everything securely together! 

sodalite, natural triple moon broom, olive green hemp 10.5" 

pink full moon, maroon hemp, amethyst 13.5" 

purple moon, purple hemp, rainbow moonstone 15.5"

D purple moon, black hemp, dendritic opal 17" 

E natural moon, olive green hemp, malachite 21"

pink moon, maroon hemp, pink opal 21" 

I was inspired to make these with broomcorn by @thewitchandthegoddess, who introduced me to the plant! Broom-corn, or sorghum bicolor/great millet, is a grass species. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and it is perfect for these besoms! 

A besom is a miniature broom traditionally used to cleanse or purify a space by "sweeping" away the energy.* Keep these on your altar or just for decor if you love it! 

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*My creations are intended for accessory and collecting only; the metaphysical information provided is subject to personal interpretation. Each customer is subject to their own experiences and beliefs. No item is meant to replace a medication or therapy.