Lunar Witches Ametrine Necklaces

Mystic Earth

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Lunar Witches necklaces with ametrine crystal spheres: lunar witch, earth witch, and pentacle witch. (Lunar Witch is currently the only available design)

These are sculpted with a strong epoxy based clay,  painted with moon and stars, and sealed with a gloss varnish that protects the color from wear. The ametrine spheres are rich purple with hints of yellow,  a mix of amethyst and citrine. Each one comes on stainless steel chain as pictured! 

A 27" chain (medium length look)

B 31" chain (long look)

C 18" chain (short look) 

D 32" chain (long look)

E 19" chain (short look)

30" chain (long look)


Size: approximately 1.5" x 1" pendant 

CARE: avoid subjecting your pendant to water frequently. If dirty, dust with a dry toothbrush. Only use water to clean in necessary situations. Don't leave in moist areas as this will cause rusting or tarnishing, like the bathroom while showering.

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