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Webworm Pentacle Wall Hanging: Mystic Earth x Olivia Faust

Webworm Pentacle Wall Hanging: Mystic Earth x Olivia Faust

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Webworm Moth and Pentacle wall hanging with a labradorite crystal. This is a collaboration between myself and Olivia Faust of FloraFaunaAndFaust (on Etsy). 

The pentacle was hand sculpted by me using an epoxy based clay and pigments, then sealed with a matte varnish for protection. Each point of the pentacle star represents an element: (starting at top, counterclockwise) spirit, air, earth, fire, and water. Along the points are crystals embedded into the design to represent each element, listed below.  Hanging from the pentacle is a webworm moth painted by Olivia Faust, also sealed with a non fade gloss varnish for protection. A lovely blue and green labradorite crystal is suspended from chain. All metals used are tarnish resistant copper alloy, hypoallergenic and nickel free. Hangs by tack or nail. 


spirit - rainbow moonstone 

air - amethyst

earth - unakite

water - lapis lazuli

fire - garnet

SIZING: 14"L x 3.5"W with 4oz weight 

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