Woodland Crystal Wand: Obsidian + Azurite

Mystic Earth

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Hand sculpted crystal wand featuring silver sheen obsidian and azurite crystals embedded into the sculpture. The obsidian is a black crystal that shines silver shimmer in the light. 

I sculpt these entirely by hand (no real wood or moss is used) with a durable, long lasting epoxy based clay and carve the tree texture and foliage into the base. The rich browns and shimmering color is achieved through a special pigmentation process and sealed on with a matte varnish to protect from damage! 

SIZING: 12.1" L x 1" W (widest point) 

CARE: if dusty, lightly brush clean with an old dry toothbrush. If dirty, lightly clean with a damp paper or towel. If traveling with your wand make sure to wrap in something soft to avoid scratches. 

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