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Mystic Earth

Candy Eye Earrings

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Candy Eye Earrings


  • Stainless steel earring hooks 
  • Stainless steel chain and hardware (loops and star charms) 
  • Strategically assembled to keep charms from flipping backwards 
  • Black enamel charms
  • Lightweight 

DESCRIPTION: These earrings are made with black enamel candy eye charms reading "Wicked" and all stainless steel metals. The stars are attached using a method to help prevent the pendant from flipping while wearing it, by attaching them strategically behind the charms on the same metal loop.

Charm description: a piece of candy with yellow wrapping but the center is a human eyeball in brown (eye is white, not yellow) 

SHIPPING: Will ship same or next business day to ensure you get your halloween treats in time to wear this season! Sent via USPS with tracking sent to your email provided at checkout 

Customer Reviews

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Chelsea Watson
Very fun!

I was so happy to get these, they filled my need for fun party jewelry in my collection. Glad I could support a really good artist too