Blue Calcite Crystal Cauldron

Mystic Earth

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Ceramic cauldron with a blue calcite crystal. 

Heat safe - perfect as a candle holder, cone incense holder, herb burning, or for other purposes. Because the bottom is painted it is not safe to be heated from the bottom, only have fires started inside the bowl itself! 

This cauldron is black ceramic with sculpted woodland tree branches on the front done with a strong, durable epoxy based clay. I use a special pigmentation process to achieve the rich color and shimmer on the sculpture, and seal it with a matte varnish for protection. The bottom of the cauldron has a pentacle design painted on and sealed as well. 

SIZING: 3.5" diameter x 2.5" height 

CARE: safe to clean by hand using water or soap if needed. The inside and black outside can be scrubbed, but the sculpture should only be rinsed or lightly brushed if necessary. 

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