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Mystic Earth

Fire Elemental Athame ~ Mystic Earth x Volundr Forge

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Fire Elemental Athame ~ A collaboration between myself and Volundr Forge. Volundr Forge created the metal blade and I did the sculpture artwork. 

This piece was fully handmade using repurposed architectural steel from a bridge and the handle with an epoxy based clay. The crystals embedded into the handle are sunstone, labradorite, and polychrome jasper. The end of the athame is a simple leaf. The sculpture features a sparkling, rich wood texture, adorned with mushrooms and mossy foliage. The pigmentation is sealed on with a non-fade varnish for protection. 

This blade is completely blunt, not meant for physically cutting things. Athames are ceremonial daggers intended for ritual use. 

SIZING: 11.75" x 2.25"(max width) 8oz 

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