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Mystic Earth

Floral Crystal Lined Notebook

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Floral Crystal ~ hand drawn spiral lined paper notebook, done in ink. The cover is sealed with a few layers of a gloss varnish that is scratch resistant, non fade, and non yellowing. This varnish helps protect the paper cover from becoming dirty or damaged, so you can keep your notebook looking beautiful. 


  • Spiral wirebound notebook
  • 50 sheets (or 100 pages front and back)
  • 4.72" x 7.08" / 12cmx18xm
  • Acid free paper

A wide lined notebook with acid free white paper, with 21 lines on each page. The back cover is blank, solid kraft brown paper, signed "Mystic Earth." 

After you're done with your notebook, you can cut off the cover and hang it on the wall as a decor piece! Unless of course you'd like it to frame your writings. 

CARE: Because a varnish has been applied to the cover, most dirt and smudges will be able to be cleaned off! If you need to use water, only use a very small amount to dampen a cloth, then lightly wipe off your cover. Otherwise use a dry cloth to clean! 

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