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Mystic Earth

Large Potion Bottles (Sold Separately)

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Handmade Large Potion Bottle Decorations: Love Potion, Poison, Good Luck Spell, Lucid Dream Elixir, and Eternal Youth Elixir. Perfect fidget items for desks, besides, table tops, etc! It's super satisfying to shake the jars to watch the liquid sparkle! 

Photos show what the jars liquid looks like idle and when shaken. 

These jars are glass and therefore NOT safe for children.


  • Glass bottle
  • Handmade sparkling liquid 
  • Hand drawn labels (printed to look aged) 
  • Unique charms on each bottle
  • Cork and lid completely sealed to prevent leaking (each bottle is tested)  
  • Natural jute cord accent 
  • Sizing: 4" height x 1.75" width

DESCRIPTION: These decorative potion bottles were handmade and feature beautiful sparkling liquid contents, unique charms, and hand drawn labels that have been printed to look aged. Each one has a completely sealed cork and lid (with glue) to prevent any leaking! Each jar is fully tested as well to ensure there are no leaking spots. On top of each lid is a decorative sealing wax in a color unique to the potion type. 

SIZING: 4"H x 1.75"W

SHIPPING: Will ship in 3-5 business days via USPS from the USA! Tracking numbers will be emailed to you once your order is shipped

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