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Mystic Earth

Moon Goddess Necklace with Apophyllite and Amethyst Spirit Quartz

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Shimmering moon phase necklace with amethyst spirit quartz and apophyllite hung from 925 oxidized sterling silver for a completely magickal work of wearable art. 

  • Lightweight 
  • Chip resistant 
  • Non yellowing
  • Non fade
  • Vegan

I sculpted this pendant by hand using a high quality polymer clay designed for durability and wear. The rich, glistening color is created with a special pigmentation process I developed using a series of techniques. It is sealed with a non yellowing matte varnish that will protect the pigment for years to come. 

Both amethyst spirit quartz and apophyllite are one of the more rare stones. Spirit quartz, also known as cactus and fairy quartz, can only be found in South Africa. It is said to carry the calming, meditative energies of amethyst with the healing, amplifying, and energizing spirit quartz. Apophyllite is a very interesting stone that naturally grows in triangular prisms, and other geometric variations. The apophyllite used has not been cut or altered besides being removed from a cluster: its form is amazingly natural! Apophyllite is called the stone of Twin Flames, said to attract your "other half." Said to sooth worry, raise the spirits, and encourage inner growth. 

Pendant: 2"L x 1"W
Chain: 20" total length
Weight: 26.4g or 0.95oz

- 925 black Oxidized sterling silver chain. 3mm

The sterling chain closes with a matching sterling silver lobster clasp.

*do not leave in wet or moist areas (ex. Bathroom while showering). Due to the nature of metal moisture can cause tarnishing.
*if dusty, clean with a dry toothbrush or paintbrush.

SHIPPING: Your necklace will be shipped within 3-5 business days of your order, with tracking via USPS. If purchased with a made to order item it may take up to 2 weeks. 

My jewelry and crystals are intended for accessory and collecting only; the metaphysical information provided is subject to personal interpretation. Each customer is subject to their own experiences and beliefs. No item is meant to replace a medication or therapy.