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Mystic Earth

Pentacle Altar Tile or Wall Hanging with Elemental Crystals - Small

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The Pentacle ~ a pentagram enclosed in a circle, symbolizing protection and the elements of spirit, air, earth, fire, and water. This will come as a small sculpture (intended to be an altar tile, but can be used just for decoration or other purposes!), or as a wall hanging decoration!

Crystals + Elements

Spirit ~ Rainbow Moonstone. Air ~ fluorite. Earth ~ peridot  Fire ~ garnet. Water ~ sodalite.

Choose to have the pentacle as is, or strung on chain to hang on the wall in the drop down tab! 

I sculpt these by hand as they are ordered using a high quality epoxy based modeling clay. The rich, glistening color is created with a special powder pigmentation process, adding an ethereal feel to the wood sculpture. It is sealed with a non yellowing, non fade matte varnish that will protect the pigment for years to come! 

Made to Order Items: This means the item is made after purchase! 

SIZING: 2.25" x 2.25" x 0.4"

WEIGHT: 0.75oz 

CARE: Don't subject your pentacle to water, especially as a wall hanging as that can cause the chain to rust. If caring somewhere, wrap in cloth or padding to protect fine details from becoming scuffed on sharp objects. 

SHIPPING: Your item will be shipped in 1-2 weeks as these are made to order. I will do my best to get it sent out as soon as possible! It will ship via USPS with tracking sent to your email or phone number provided at checkout.