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Mystic Earth

Strawberry Athame Dagger - Satin Spar Crystal

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Strawberry Vine Athame Dagger - with satin spar, pink opal, rose quartz, orange aventurine, and sunstone crystals. 


  • Satin spar blade (known as selenite) 
  • Crystals: pink opal, rose quartz, orange aventurine, sunstone 
  • Hand sculpted handle
  • Sculpture sealed with matte varnish for durability 
  • Sizing: 7.6" x 2.75" 

DESCRIPTION: This piece features my hand sculpture as the base of the dagger, a winding tree branch covered in strawberry vines, moss, and leaves. I use an apoxie clay which is extremely durable and self adheres, so all the crystals are safely secured into the sculpture (embedded). I then hand paint the vines and strawberries and use a powder pigmentation process to create the shimmering wood tone. The entire piece (except the crystals) is sealed with a matte varnish to protect the pigmentation from wearing off over time. The back of the piece is a solid wood sculpture with little bits of moss (see photos)

SIZING: 7.6"L x 2.75"W (widest point) 

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I got this as a gift for my daughter and I think she's going to be so so happy when she sees it!! Absolutely beautiful work, just like the rest of my pieces from Annabell!