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Mystic Earth

Ghostie Mushroom Garden Sculpture

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Handmade Ghost Mushroom Garden: hand sculpted decoration with quartz crystal, preserved moss, and real wood. The piece features a ghost surrounded by mini pumpkins and purple mushrooms. 


  • Hand sculpted accents 
  • Wood base 
  • Preserved moss 
  • Quartz crystals 
  • Hand painted with acrylics 
  • Sealed with matte varnish for durability 
  • Sizing: 3.1" (width from front view) x 3" (side view) x 2.4" (highest point) 

DESCRIPTION: The ghost, mushrooms, and pumpkins were hand sculpted with a strong epoxy based clay, then painted with premium acrylics. Each piece is sealed with a matte varnish to protect the paint from age and wear! Sphagnum and reindeer mosses line the base of the wood, and both have been preserved to avoid decay. Everything is attached to the ash wood base with industrial strength adhesive (pieces are not detachable or moveable). 

CARE: Do not get wet or leave outdoors. If dusty, use a dry cloth/paper towel or brush. If dirty, use a very small amount of water on a cloth or paper towel and lightly work the dirt off the piece.

SIZING: approx. 3.1" x 3" x 2.4"H

CARE: Keep indoors. If dusty, use a feather duster to clean. If the sculptures need to be wiped clean, use a damp paper towel or wet wipe. The varnish will protect the paint from damaging but do not scrub! 

SHIPPING: will ship in 1-3 business days via USPS from AR, USA. A tracking number will be sent to your email or phone number provided at checkout! 

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